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Priority Issues:

(1) Establish a children’s mental health system, funding source, and core services.

(2) Establish stable and adequate sources of funding for both adult and children’s mental health services.

(3) Make changes to the Medicaid system to assure appropriate services for clients and timely payment to providers.


Legislative Agenda:

(4) Support protection of patients to ensure continuity of care through prescription drug coverage.

(5) Strengthen mental health workforce development through strategies like expanding forgivable loan and residency programs.

(6) Enact recommendations of the Commitment Process Review Workgroup regarding Iowa’s civil commitment process.

(7) Repeal the “skinny” health insurance law allowing Farm Bureau to sell policies that don’t comply with the ACA, specifically the pre-existing condition exclusion.

(8) Require that Medicaid pay for TMS (transcranial magnetic stimulation) therapy and long-acting injectable psychotropic drugs.

(9) Support the gun violence measure known as “Red Flag” that allows someone to petition the court to have law enforcement seize guns from someone deemed a danger to themselves or others.

(10) Increase beer and/or cigarette taxes to help fund behavioral health services.

Policy Issue Handouts

Adult Mental Health Funding Facts Iowa Continuity of Care Coalition Children’s Mental Health System Strategic Plan
MHDS Statewide Report Children’s Mental Health Facts Recommended Services for Children’s Mental Health
House File 204


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